Airtècnics is a market leader manufacturer of high quality door air curtains for all applications.

We produce a wide range of air curtains covering all customer and installation needs:

• From small drive-thru windows to large industrial doors
• Heated or unheated air curtains.
• Versions with warm and cold water coil, steam, electrical heating or air only.
• Horizontal or vertical installation
• Free hanging, surface mounting and recessed ceiling air curtains
• Revolving doors air curtains
• Standard and special tailor made air curtains
• Design, bespoke, architectural and decorative air curtains
• Heavy duty industrial air curtains
• Cold rooms, refrigerated stores and freezers air curtains
• Energy saving air curtains with EC technology
• Insect barrier high velocity air curtains

We offer the possibility to customize the air curtains with different materials like stainless steel, aluminium, wood, and finishes in any RAL colour. We can mount different front air inlet grilles and incorporate personalized brand logos, corporative image, security or way guidance signs, lights or any other complement or decoration that the customer could imagine.

Airtecnics air curtains integrate advanced regulation with a wide range of sophisticated remote controls. We offer manual or automatic functioning for energy saving applications, as well as BMS Interface. Controls can operate with devices such as door contact, room thermostat, valves, anti-freezing sensor, etc…

To make easy the installation works, we can provide standard and tailor made hanging arms, fixing supports and other mounting accessories as well as a great variety of installation elements like temperature and pressure sensors, thermostatic and solenoid valves, cables, door contacts, etc…

The experienced Airtècnics R&D department works together with the UPC Technical University of Catalunya (Barcelona) to incorporate at our air curtains latest technology to achieve optimum performance and efficient operation. We are at the cutting edge of air curtains knowledge and technology.

The new air curtains selection program will it make easy to choose the right model according to your needs. Of course, our professional, friendly and expert staff are at your disposal.

Do you know how much money can be saved using an air curtain? Airtecnics can calculate the energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction.

Our air curtains are exported to over 30 countries worldwide have given us a solid brand reputation of easy installation, highest quality and reliability.

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